We look forward to creating a lifetime of memories together, especially with you — our family and friends!
Don’t even remember the dates .. but our guess is...

Jan 2014

Unlike the age old paradigm, we met but did not even notice each other to remember the exact date

The begining of time
Diwali 2014

Became friends by going out in the same "Chai" group in office

Dec 2014

Started hanging out with friends, outside office

Sep 2015

First bike trip together...first Mela ride together

Oct 2015

Soha hangs out with Maa & Choti (Avisek's mom and little sis)...Playing ludo, shopping and teasing Gaurav

Nov 2015

He proposed and she said yes :D

Mid Nov

Avisek meets Soha's Family

Dec 2015

Family meets Family and got engaged in no time

Feb 2016

Date finalized and Wedding stress began :P

Apr 2016

Made "the official", official


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